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June 24, 2017
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Homeowners are not happy with Houston's popular three story townhomes

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Source: Chau Nguyen / 11 News

Within Houston’s city limits, three-story town homes are going up in several neighborhoods.

But in the Ayrshire subdivision near West University, some residents don’t want them in their backyards.

It’s a neighborhood in an upward transition.

“We have a significant turnover in the neighborhood of people tearing down older homes and building newer ones,” Homeowners Association President Jeff Patterson said.

The subdivision, an older neighborhood, is modernizing.

But for couples, like Leslie and Joe Abuso, the change isn’t welcomed

“Build them somewhere else build them where they fit in,” Mrs. Abuso said.

They’re talking about their newest neighbors: the three-story town homes.

“We didn’t buy our house here so we could live next to a condo looking thing,” Mr. Abuso said. “We bought it because it’s a single family area that was getting nicer and nicer — not getting worse and worse.

With town homes going up in neighborhoods across the Houston area, what is acceptable?

The city attorney’s office has not yet returned 11 News’ calls.

“People want to build bigger homes taller homes, which creates issues for neighborhoods like ours,” Patterson said.

He’s concerned that without legal clarification from the city, the issue of neighborhood conformity might be up in the air.

“How do we interpret second story, and what is a working definition that we can live with,” he said.

Those questions eventually halted work on at least one town home project. Residents complained they violated deed restrictions, and the city is reviewing the case something we’re told the city is reviewing.

If you live in the city and have questions about development in your neighborhood, check your deed restrictions and call the city’s planning department.

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